Parcel Inquiry Map Stanislaus County Recorded Maps
  • Provide users with the ability to search county parcel information by apn, address or point.
  • Ability to run Public Assessor Inquiry (lookup assessments).
  • Lookup Assessor's Map Book.
  • Lookup Property Tax Information.
  • Find District Supervisor and School District details.
  • Lookup Property Zone and General Plan Information.
  • Ability to search the County's recorded maps information by apn, owner name, address, Subdivisions.
  • Lookup Subdivisions, Record of Survey, and Parcel Maps.
    Stanislaus-County Transportation Permit Map County Corridor Projects
  • Ability to look at Bridge Load Rating.
  • Print Truck & Permit Map.
  • The North County Corridor Transportation Expressway Authority (NCC TEA) Board is made up of five members. Two Directors appointed by Stanislaus County and one Director appointed by each of the following cities: Modesto, Riverbank, and Oakdale.
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